Name: Page Alarm (Car Alarm 6)


A sophisticated vehicle alarm system combined with paging system. It may be used as an alarm system, paging system or both functions at the same time. The transmitter has a maximum output power of 4W. Paging distance is up to 3 Kms. User programmable codes of 256 combinations. This is the first paging alarm system using digital coding in the world.

  • Alarm system
  • Arm /disarm by ignition key
  • Temporary disabling by ignition key
  • Door protection
  • Hood /trunk protection
  • 40 seconds exit delay from ignition off
  • 20 seconds entry delay
  • Instant alarm for hood/trunk
  • Auto reset of alarm after 3 minutes
  • Selectable output: siren, pager or both
  • Paging System
  • Crystal controlled digital coding
  • Frequency 27.145 MHz
  • 4W transmitter power output
  • User programmable codes of 256 combinations
  • Paging distance up to 3 Kms
  • Low battery indication on receiver
  • Receiver may use AC power at home
  • Reset button to stop receiver beeping
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