Name: Dual Zone Microwave Detector


This is a microprocessor controlled microwave sensor which provides dual-zone protection. It provides perimeter pre-intrusion warning and instant violation (interior) trigger protection. Due to the state-of-art design, none of our microwave sensors will give false alarms from wind, rain, air movement, flying insects or vibrations. This is an ideal sensor to protect convertibles, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles.

  • Dual-zone protection
  • It works with most car alarms or home security
  • Two zone user sensitivity adjustment
  • LED indications
  • Warning chirp sound for perimeter intrusion
  • Alarm sound for violation
  • Dual zone operation program
  • Max. range 3M with user sensitivity adjustment
  • Operating voltage 12V
  • Power consumption 18mA, Copyright © 2023 KEYSTONE ELECLTRONICS CO. LTD. All rights reserved.