Name: Pager Adaptor


This product can provide paging capability to car alarms or home security systems. It consists of two parts : A control module and a receiver. When properly installed, Pager Adaptor will alert you if your vehicle or home is being vandalized or during a theft attempt. You can also use Pager Adaptor for home paging.

  • Crystal controlled pulse coding
  • Frequency 27.145 MHz
  • RF output power : 4W
  • Positive & negative triggering
  • Good for car alarms & home security systems
  • Home paging
  • User programmable codes of 256 combinations
  • Paging distance up to 3 Kms
  • Receiver low battery indication
  • Receiver can use AC adaptor
  • Receiver reset button
  • Transmitters can use car antenna or strip antenna
  • Adjustment facility for antenna matching, Copyright © 2022 KEYSTONE ELECLTRONICS CO. LTD. All rights reserved.